Choose to Be Yourself

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SERENE, Here & Now

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We can live our daily life feeling powerful and serene… But we must remember who we really are and act accordingly.

LYMLO offers a concrete spirituality that aims to experience power and serenity, here and now. This way of apprehending what is called reality is accompanied by three steps that are the Bright Selfishness, the Choice of Twilight, and the Perfect Imperfection.

In this book, LYMLO MarieLaure gives us the essence of her vision of the world. She invites us to take full responsibility for our lives, and reminds us that we are powerful creators.

The proposals made by LYMLO and shared in “Serene, Here and Now” will annoy our mind, shake our beliefs, and make us wonder. But, as the author says, the real question is not whether this is true, but whether it makes our life easier… And it does!


This tale allows us to understand the relationship that exists between the different “I” in a sensitive and touching way.

The little dog Spirit and his friend Body have always been inseparable. However, for some time, the two friends have a hard time getting along. Will they manage to reconcile?

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