Why a method?

So far, fear has guided our steps. That makes sense. Otherwise we would not have discovered the tools that allow us to know how we create our reality. However, we are at a turning point. We have a choice to make. Whether we study the question from a philosophical, spiritual, scientific, or even esoteric point of view, the answer is always the same. We are energy beings. We are the creators of our reality. It’s time to apply theories. It is time to “dis-connect” from the habitual behaviors based on the illusion of separation, and choose to consciously connect with all the parts in us. We have the choice. We have always had. I choose to create a serene world, here and now.

Life is all about Discovering what we have created, and Creating what we want to discover.

Core values

Responsibility & Choice, Freedom & Uniqueness

The apparent chaos in the outside world only reflects the level of self-disconnection that exists in our inner world. The more we prevent ourself to shine our Uniqueness, the more we create resistance. The good news is that we can choose to disconnect from our habits. We can experiment life differently. We can try something new. We can “play from the inside”. We can decide who we want to be. We can change our reality. We can free ourself, here and now.

Discovery & Empowerment

The thoughts we think are infinite. Therefore, Life itself is infinite. Everyday can be an opportunity to discover Who-We-Are. We can experiment, transform, choose something else. However, this discovery has no meaning without mastery. This latter only comes from daily practice. This is where true empowerment lies.

Knowledge & Wisdom

As soon as we believe to know the truth, we shut the door to new possibilities. My rule is to remember that the only thing that I know is that I do not know. Questioning what we think we are (or should be) to discover what we choose to be, here and now. Do experiments. All the answers are inside us… However, we must put them into practice!

More about me

My nickname is Lymlo (Lead Yourself Mixing Light & Obscurity). Since ever I am interested in how life works. Most of my understandings come from experiences I lived during my life such as traumas and physical illnesses. Those events taught me a lot about how important it is to have a great connection with the Mind, the Body and the Heart.

Since 2010, I share my understandings. They have evolved, and my sharing too.

In 2018, I created LYMLO’s Method which aims to live serenely in our daily life thanks to the unconditional love of all the parts in ourself, Obscurity and Light without distinction.

For now, I “do” coaching, I “do” teaching. But I “am” nothing. This is what makes me able to stay open to all the experiences that I might be interested in.

I allow myself to be Nothing, and Everything at the same time.

Some of my Trainings:
Shamballa Multidimensional Healing®, Tibetan Karmic Numerology, Psychological Tarot, Psycho-Genealogy, TAT®, LOA Practitioner, Jack Canfield Coaching, Japanese Massage, Thai Massage.

Other Certifications:


Updated late April 2020

The Coronavirus situation woke us all up. This clearly highlighted our fears and our attachments to what we kept by “comfort” rather than real desire. We had the opportunity to face it, bluntly, without make-up or artifice. We had a choice to make and I made mine. The Spiritual Coaching sessions are still available but, from now, LYMLO embraces a much broader vision! Let’s go!


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Lymlo can be reached at lymlomarielaure@gmail.com
SIREN 521 034 934