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What is the use of a Healing?

The body is the densest representation of our energy and of the possible resistances we vibrate. When we maintain an energy long enough, it takes shape in matter. This is how you create a healthy body (= fluid energy) or a sick body (= blocked energy).

An Energy Healing aims to make the energy more fluid. It’s like I’m a gardener and you’re asking me for help with your garden. I clean, I put everything back in place, I make sure that the “field” is ready to give again the best of itself.

What the Energy Healing is not

Just like your garden, the result of the healing will depend on what you do with your “field” after the Healing. If do the same actions than before the healing, you will get the same results.

The healing is not a cure. The cure is your part of the job!

The healing is not a substitute for any medicine, medical diagnosis, or medical prescription. On the other hand, it can be a very good accompaniment in a more global approach.

When to ask for a Healing?

– Fatigue, lack of action, sadness …
– Chronic Diseases, General Diseases, Injuries …
– Pregnancy, Infertility, Pro-creation, abortion or miscarriages

The Healing in more details

There are two phases to the Healing:
– The remote Healing itself
– The email you receive after the Healing

The Healing

I do the Healing. You do not need to do anything. I do the Healing “without you”. Indeed, it is an energy work so it is not limited by the matter. During the Healing, I receive information that I communicate to you during the second phase.

The email after the Healing
Following the Healing, I send you an email with the information received.

You will receive the email within 72 hours of payment.

55 euros

How to order?

Fill out the form below and send it. Then order the session. You will receive an answer within 72 hours. Check your spam!