LYMLO’s Method

Being selfish is the magical power of a true altruist.



Why the Method exists

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The Method

Thee 3 steps

Bright Selfishness

This world is our creation.
It exists only because we are perceiving it.
We choose what this “reality” becomes.
We take full responsibility for everything that goes on.
All that we are perceiving is “I” in one form or another.


Twilight Choice

We are a multitude of things, emotions, thoughts, ideas.
When we try to eliminate one or the other of these facets, It is like wanting to eliminate one of the sides of a coin.
This is the sign that we do not understand what we really are.
Moment by moment, we can choose the Union with these apparent contradictions in ourself.
This is where our power, our serenity and our freedom lie, here and now.


Perfect Imperfection

We will never be perfect… And this is exactly what makes us perfect!
The idea is to be ourself, as much as possible.
Whatever the meaning of this!


The golden rule

“What I know for sure, is that I do not know.”
THE ultimate truth does not exist, but we can access our own truth by listening to our heart.
This truth evolves as we do.
 LYMLO, Lead Yourself Mixing Light & Obscurity


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