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Guidance & Healing

Healing, Tarot readings and Numerology are tools that engage with energy more they do with the Mind. They ask you to welcome what you receive, without judgment, knowing that, as always, everything can be changed!


Energy Healing

The healing is a remote healing.

The Healing in details

What is the use of a Healing?

The body is the densest representation of our energy and of the possible resistances we vibrate. When we maintain an energy long enough, it takes shape in matter. This is how you create a healthy body (= fluid energy) or a sick body (= blocked energy).

An Energy Healing aims to make the energy more fluid. It’s like I’m a gardener and you’re asking me for help with your garden. I clean, I put everything back in place, I make sure that the “field” is ready to give again the best of itself.

What the Energy Healing is not

Just like your garden, the result of the healing will depend on what you do with your “field” after the Healing. If do the same actions than before the healing, you will get the same results.

The healing is not a cure. The cure is your part of the job!

The healing is not a substitute for any medicine, medical diagnosis, or medical prescription. On the other hand, it can be a very good accompaniment in a more global approach.

When to ask for a Healing?

– Fatigue, lack of action, sadness …
– Chronic Diseases, General Diseases, Injuries …
– Infertility, Pro-creation, abortion or miscarriages

The Healing in more details

There are two phases to the Healing:
– The remote Healing itself
– The email you receive after the Healing

The Healing

I do the Healing. You do not need to do anything. I do the Healing “without you”. Indeed, it is an energy work so it is not limited by the matter. During the Healing, I receive information that I communicate to you during the second phase.

The email after the Healing
Following the Healing, I send you an email with the information received.

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How to order?

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The Guidance

Serene Tarot

What is the “Serene Tarot” reading about?

The “Serene Tarot” is a guidance based on taking your power back as much as your responsibility for the creation of your life. This guidance helps highlight the reasons why you are experiencing a blockage in one domain of your life or another. This reading is for people who love cards while knowing that, like everything else, the reading is only a reflection of our beliefs at a given moment. This consultation can be beneficial when you are used to thinking rather than feeling.

What the “Serene Tarot” is not

The tarot as I practice it does not read the future, simply because the future does not exist. You create what is called “future” here and now, making your choices.

The “Serene Tarot” is not based on fear. It is NOT a reading for people who live their lives in the role of a victim. it is a tool for beings who know themselves as powerful and who act as such.

Serene Numerology

What is the “Serene Numerology” about?

The “Serene Numerology” is a guidance based on taking your power back as much as your responsibility for the creation of your life. This guidance highlights the main energy that is yours in your current life experience. It is based on the numerology of your date of birth. Knowing your numerological energy helps you to better understand your habits of creation. This guidance is useful for people who want to discover a little better who they are, and the way they use to (re)act.

“Serene Numerology”, a tool of Self-Union

The numerology I practice helps you to create the Union in yourself. It helps you understand the essence of the vibrations that contains your date of birth. You thus have access to the Union of the apparent contradictions within you.

I use the calculations presented in the Numerology Training that I proposed in French.

How to benefit from a Guidance?

I offer Tarot Readings and Numerology guidances on YouTube. If you feel so, you can subscribe to the YouTube Channel or to the Facebook page.





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