Is the consultation for me?

During the consultations, I offer you a different vision of things. I give you the opportunity to see your personal situation, or life in general, in a new light.

This more global vision allows you to gain greater respect for yourself and others, here and now.

You reconnect to a feeling of serenity and power.

You love yourself more.

My skills

I spend my days wondering (more about me and my certifications here).

The subjects that interest me the most are related to the meaning of life, the impact of our thoughts on reality, our role as an embodied spiritual being and citizen…

Other subjects are also very present in my life such as sexuality, romantic relationships, relationship with the body and food, sport, freedom, organizational capacity, time management, ecological sensitivity…

Note that I share my vision with you, but I do not know THE truth, much less yours! I have no other skills than those resulting from my personal research, my reading and my daily experimentation.

How to order?

If you are interested, please fill the form below! I will contact you as soon as possible (Check your spam).

Duration: 1 hour via Zoom
Investment: 100 euros
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