“I am not that naive. I know it is impossible to create the world I dream of during a single lifetime. This is precisely why I chose to get started today!” LYMLO MarieLaure

LYMLO MarieLaure

My first name is MarieLaure, my Japanese name is Yumeko (the girl of the Dream), and my nickname is LYMLO which stands for Lead Yourself Mixing Light and Obscurity.

Who am I?

I am an eternal curious.

The subjects that interest me the most are metaphysics, quantum physics, creative thinking, and more generally everything that is related to the Human Being and its relationship to the World and to Life in general.

Other subjects are also very present in my life such as sexuality, romantic relationships, relationship with the body and food, sport, freedom, organizational capacity, time management, ecological sensitivity…

I have a great intuition.

I apprehend the world through my thoughts which occupy the vast majority of my time. Once organized, they are the means of communication that I appreciate the most.

My values

To make the choice to be responsible for one’s life, to be compassionate (even in a sharp way), and to take into account the different points of view are my main values.

I make sure to live my life according to them.

My vision

In 2020, the coronavirus was the turning point of a new evolutionary step of my life.

After more than 10 years intensively devoted to spiritual research, I chose to widen the fields on which I shared.

During confinement, I decided to “open up” more, and talk about other subjects that were also close to my heart such as the body, the relationships, our role as consumer and citizen, vegetarianism or sport!

My essence

I have always made the choice to embrace a broader vision so that each being (me in the first place) feels respected in their individuality.

Therefore, I still do it in a more “visible” way.

Some labels

Numerology: Life path 33, Hidden karmic 14
Astrology: Sagittarius Rising, Cancer Sun, Taurus Moon, Stellium in 8th house
Enneagram: 5w6
Way of living: Daily Yoga practice (with Kino MacGregor since 2015), Polyglot learning (with Duolingo), Meditation, Transitioning Vegan, Ecology sensibility

Some of my certifications

2009: Shamballa Mutidimensional Healing ®
2010: Psychological Tarot, Massage Thaïlandais, Massage Japonais
2013: Tapas Acupressure Technique TAT ®
2014: Psychogenealogy
2015: Tibetan Karmic Numerology


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