Today I wanted to share something cool and funny about how our mind is really nice when she is loved and guided by… OUR SELF! As soon has we give her a guide line, “she” is awesome and very effective to find solutions! She is really great!

So! Here is the story!

I have been watching some videos of Kyle Cease since a few weeks now. I am doing the exercises etc… One exercise consists in writing what you would like to do. The answer must come not from the mind but the heart. I wrote that I wanted to do “slack line”. I was surprised because I do no like to be outside.

In another exercise, we had to find the title that could be given to a book about our life. The idea was to identify our “best flaw”, ie our “talent”. I realized I was really good at “feeling disconnected”. Some hours of meditation later, I had created a new website, a new podcast, a new logo… And I realized how strongly I wanted to feel connected to my mind, body and soul in a new way. I wanted to embody what means “being connected” and “feel unconditional love”. It was not new for me, but it was the first time that I had a vision so clear about the HOW of the WHY.

Few days later, I discovered a course about health on Mindvalley website. I enrolled. Not know really why. I felt inspired!

Then I received a message from some friends I had not seen for 5 years or so. They told me they would love to see me soon. I answered that there was few chance before a long time…

Back to my computer, I discovered the “Spartan” races (once more, I do not know exactly how I arrived on the page)… In theory, it is the reunion of all that I hate (running, mud, obstacles…). I followed my intuition and checked if there were some races near the place that I am currently living in.

There are only 4 races organized in my country in 2020. One of them is in May and it is in the city where my friends live!!!!! I could not believe it!!! (I add that this is not a huge city so there was no chance for the race to be there… But yes! It is there!!!)

It was so funny! I enrolled the race and I sent a new message to my friends telling I would probably see them sooner than expected! 🤣


I think it is important to remember that we do not have to have a precise idea of what we want (= slake lane).

I do not know if I will do the race.
I enrolled.
That’s all.

It is an opportunity for me to “discover my connection” to my mind, body and soul during the training I will do (= my talent).

I know we can have results without “motivation”. I know that, when we connect to the three elements in our self, that we are “aligned”, we can create and achieve whatever we truly want.

This race (or, at least,the training) is an opportunity for me to practice the “truth/idea” I have in the “real world” (= the genius idea of my mind when she follows the idea of my heart).



Maybe I am the kind of girl who likes to run and jump in the mud!? Who knows?

I will tell you in May !

Thank you for the reading! ❤

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