We live our daily life without taking the time to realize that we are in apnea. We do things, we share, we discover, but we do it in apnea. The reason? We are using the wrong lungs!

Opposite direction

I spent a month in a seminar working on my beliefs about money. And I spent the same month saying to myself: “Oh no, really, this way of seeing the world is no longer for me!”

However, I realized that we (more than 200 people were registered and we shared our feelings) are all the same. We operate mostly from the belief that the world is outside us.

Of course we have worked on possible emotional blockages etc …, but we did it from the initial belief that “WE” exists, and that life “comes to us”.

Reverse the movement

This morning I got up with the feeling of being caught in the throat. I thought I would “zap” my yoga session. But, at the last moment, I chose to do a micro session.

And in 10 minutes, I received the understanding that I missed.

As long as we operate in the opposite direction, that is by believing that we belong to the world, we put ourselves in the place of the one who inspires inside a closed jar.

As soon as we remember that nothing exists without our consciousness, we connect with all parts of ourselves and we breathe deeply. The air is then unlimited. And we feel alive.


At the seminar we worked on our ability (or inability) to receive money. Many of us said that giving was easier than receiving.

However, returning to this vision a little later, I realized that it was wrong. I know how to receive, and I know how to give.

Resistance is in fact neither with receiving, nor with giving in our daily life.

The key is to understand that we are blocking our ability to receive “the air” of our inspiration.

Let me explain.

When we relate to who we really are, we have access to everything. We are unlimited. But this is only possible when we choose to “turn things around”.

When we place ourselves as the creation of the world, we operate at 10% … And we stifle, whatever our success or our daily joy.

When we return to our role of creator of the world, we breathe 100% … And we feel fulfilled whatever the situations that arise.

The next step

I choose to really breathe ie I choose to reconnect my limited self to my unlimited self, here and now.

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