The days pass in a ritualized way, sometimes “robotized” and, when the sunny days arrive, often we are asked: “What do you do during the holidays?” It is as if this moment would bring a radical change and would finally make our life worthy of interest… So why wouldn’t we decide to be on vacation every day?

What does the holiday look like?

During this “different” period, the first obvious change is time!

This one, until then indomitable, is transformed into lamb which only asks to satisfy us, to correspond to our demands, to accomplish all our desires.

We had spent weeks fighting with the alarm clock, we could not sleep (knowing that 6 hours later, want or not, we could not do it anymore) but, since the beginning of our holidays, as if by magic, our sleep is restorative, serene, easy.

The other thing that differs during this well-deserved rest is our emotions. They too seem to have taken time off. Not all, no, but “anger”, “impatience”, “frustration” and “jealousy” no longer seem to be around. All the opposite of “serenity”, “joy”, “love” and “enthusiasm” that are more and more present.

Where does the difference come from?

We can find it very logical that, having no more obligations (or having the impression that the few that remain are things that please us) we are better able to enjoy life.

It is indeed obvious that waking up without any alarm clock, eating when we are hungry (not because it is time), and allowing us to do the things that make us happy, help us feel at peace.

The periods of “normal life”, we are not listening to us (= our inner Self), we are listening to the outside world.

And that’s what creates the tension.

How to be on vacation all the time?

I know for having experienced it before, that when we work for example with schedules and other obligations of this kind, following our natural rhythm seems completely impossible.

However, it is not!

But it’s a choice.

This choice is that of choosing oneself while living the “reality”.

The idea is to start with baby steps… for example only the days we do not work, or the times we are at home.

I started at the time with my housework. I chose to do it either “the day of the household” but when I felt that it was the ideal moment (= when, internally, I was having the impulse).

The new luxury

For two years, I have made sure to have my time, all the time.

This is what I chose to offer me first. And for that, I’m ready to “sacrifice” other things. In reality, nothing is sacrifice because I choose my time and nothing is more important to me than this (I speak obviously of my time in the sense of “my natural rhythm”).

I sometimes go to bed at 3 in the morning, sometimes at 11 pm, sometimes I have a sleepless night… I never know in advance! I follow my heart.

The only thing I’m sure of, and the only thing I focus on, is my freedom of time.

And I have no doubt about materializing this at every moment.

Are you ready to try?

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