Action “at all costs” is highlighted, while “inspired action” is rarely mentioned. We run all over the place. We are quite proud to say that we were “overwhelmed all day”… What if this race was only the sign of a disconnection from what we really are?

I was running

I spent most of my life running. Overwhelmed schedule even as a child, schedule full (even with emptiness) as an adult. “To do” was in my eyes synonymous with value.

When we are stuck to the dream, that’s what we do.

We believe in this reality and, therefore, we organize things from matter and our logic.

If we have to be “on time”, we have to put an alarm … The word is very significant to me !.

I do not run anymore

This rhythm is tiring, weary, exhausting! But we can choose another preference.

When we start to trust ourself more, we start playing with this reality that bends to our every thought.

I started experimenting with this by deciding to arrive on time regardless of my departure time, and waking up without an alarm at the desired time.

My actions can be many, but they are inspired. That is to say that they are the result of an impulse of the heart (inside) and no longer of my logic (outside).

Have fun!

I know that the mind resists when it is proposed to play “I remove the alarm” game. However, you can tell him that this game has no consequences when you do not have a scheduled appointment.

What about choosing your wake up time next weekend ?

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