We have always been using rituals. They have that ability to reinforce our beliefs. They print in the matter a decision taken. Except that, as long as these rituals are made from matter, they have no power.

The presence of rituals

For many years I had my rituals, and still today they are part of my life. Whether it’s the order of my actions waking up in the morning, or the brand of my tea, I have rituals.

So in everyday life, we all have rituals. The human being loves it.

When it comes to rituals related to spiritual practices, we quickly associate them with a magical quality. These rituals are often presented as THE solution to all our problems. You want to have more money? Burn a candle! You want your neighbor to stop bothering you, bury a letter in your garden etc…

For a long time I used these rituals, then I stopped because I wanted to reconnect to my real power that are my thoughts.

My practice of rituals

After a seminar I attended a few days ago, I went back to my rituals.

I did my 100 daily affirmations, I lightened my candle every morning, I did my shamanic acts…

On the first day of these rituals in connection with abundance, I received 200 euros completely unexpected. I couldn’t believe it, and I said to myself, “Damn it! It’s working! ”

Except that since then, nothing…

And I know why!

The only ritual that works

The first time I did the rituals, I was out of a meditative day, I was totally connected, I had no resistance, I felt perfectly well.

I did the rituals without any expectation. I was just doing them because the training offered them as a tool to use.

On the following days, however, after receiving this amount of money, I did my rituals “to” have money. So I was no longer connected to my essence, but to matter. I fell into the trap like a rookie!

I repeat it to my clients over and over (!!!), the matter will never be different from the thoughts we maintain all day!

Practicing with consciousness

What matters is not the ritual but the heart and the energy that are ours at the time of the ritual. This ritual, whatever it is, is only there to “reaffirm” a vibration already present in us at the time of the ritual.

There is no point in brainwashing and making positive affirmations when you feel bad. It is when we feel good, that we must rush and practise the rituals intensely because then, the link between the invisible and the matter is extremely powerful, and our materializations take shape very quickly.

So, for example, rather than making 100 affirmations without consicousness, I choose to say them as the day progresses: 5 here, 5 there, being aware and really aligned when I pronounce each word of the affirmation.

The next step

Remind me that a ritual is a tool. Without the presence of an assertive and clear belief upstream, it has no power.

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