As the famous phrase says: “Energy cannot be created or destroyed, only transformed.” Matter is only a densified energy that takes shape when we focus on it. So everything is already there, ready to take shape in the matter… If we choose it.

Everything is there

I have finally experienced what I already understood with my mind for years now, without being able to grasp it “internally”.

The whole “field of possibilities” is already present in the form of energy, but it remains invisible to our physical senses as long as we do not densify this energy by our thoughts and our attention.

This means that you have nothing to “create” from the scratch. You just have to decide what you choose to “see” among the infinite possibilities that already exist energetically.

It’s like when you’re looking for an object. You look everywhere without finding it. And then, the day you don’t think about it, it “reappears”. In fact, it never disappeared, but you did not give it its densified form (=matter), and so it remained invisible to your eyes (=physical senses). However, during this time, the object has always been there.

Nothing is to “eliminate”

My greatest resistance, when it comes to materialize something that is important to me, is to have to separate me from a part of myself.

For example, if I want to materialize abundance, all the manuals explain that I have to “eliminate the doubt or the sensation of lack”.

The idea is cute except that, for me, lack or doubt are also a part of me. And the idea of separating me or “killing” one or the other is inconceivable to me!

Today I realize that this is not at all what we need to do.

It is “enough” to look at the part in us that “no longer pleases us” and to kindly change its shape. Rather than keeping it in a densified and very “visible” form, we can choose to keep it in its “invisible” version.

It is no longer a “struggle” against a part of us. We respect everything we are, including this facet of us. We simply choose with love and serenely the density that we give to each thing. We do not wish the disappearance of anything!

This inner experience has totally changed my world.

The next step

To do the experience of this other truth which is that nothing has any opposite: everything exists regardless of the rest.

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