We spend a lot of time projecting ourselves into the future hoping that joy will be to the extent of expectation. But this is rarely the case. Why? Because we make the mistake of believing that matter will be different from the emotion that generated it.

Here and now

We only have access to the present. And even when we think about the past or the future, we do it here and now.

When we want something to take shape in the matter, we want it because we think it will make us happy.

Except that, if we decide to create a cake, it will necessarily have the taste of the ingredients we have put in it!

The idea is therefore, here and now, to do things because doing them gives us joy, without worrying about the result, or rather of the emotion that will eventually give us the future result.

Why do I do things?

I realized yesterday that, once more, I was materialising negative people and comments that I identify as hard and not very encouraging.

Once this spotted, I practiced Bright Selfishness: “I create that because I think this…” In this situation it was related to: “Words are cute but the main thing is to embody them!”

And indeed, it’s been a few days that I’ve been back in my shadow, that is, my beliefs habits. I make videos “to” have views, I do posts “to” have positive reactions, I want customers “to” have money… Except that joy is nowhere in here! And it is not present when this “desire” materializes either.

Where is my joy?

Joy is different for each one of us, but it is never directly related to matter. Joy is always connected to a feeling, an emotion, or even a thought. It comes from something that is not visible.

Personally, the moments that give me joy are linked to the fact that I feel interesting, in the sense of a person who thinks about complex things and experiences them, and is abble to explain those things to people who are interested in so that their understanding of life become easier.

So you can give me a beautiful house, beautiful clothes, or the best lovers of the Earth, if this is not connected to an intellectual and metaphysical experience, it will remain “empty” of joy to my eyes.

How to find your joy?

To find out what your joy is, make a list of the moments that have brought you joy in the past. Then, in front of each of them, write what you felt about yourself.

For example, this may give: “At the feast of my 10th birthday, I felt a lot of joy because I felt I was a person who was congratulated.”

Do this with the maximum of events. You’ll notice that the same idea comes up all the time. This idea, this common emotion, is your joy.

Our joy as a starting point

The goal of the game is then to start from this joy to choose what we want to materialize.

If we set goals without taking into account our joy, perhaps we will materialise them, but the path will not be pleasant, and the result has a great chance of not making us happy either.

I suggest you find your joy and then write it to the center of a page in a circle. From this circle, draw arrows that come out. At the end of each arrow, write something you want to materialize. The arrow can be translated by “and it will take the form of…”.

In my personal example, it gives: “I am happy because I feel I am an interesting person (this is the common point of past experiences that have brought me joy. I write it in my central circle), and it is because I am already this person that I choose to materialise this energy (this emotion, this feeling) in the form of books (an arrow), videos (another arrow), etc… “. So no matter if the videos are watched or the books read, it’s because I already feel like an interesting person, and so I already have joy, that I choose to do these things. My joy does not come from the possible future result (number of views, number of likes etc…) but from what I am doing right now.

The next step

I choose to remember more often what my true joy is.

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