Yin & Yang, respect your leader

The Choice of Serenity

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Yin & Yang, respect your leader

Man or woman, we all have in us a Yin (receptive) and a Yang (linked to the action). In reality these two forces act during the action and, to be as effective as possible and feel good, it is important to know which of the two is our leader.

Yin and Yang always together

The common error is to separate the Yin from the Yang, while the two energies are in fact always present simultaneously.

The apparent difference comes from the fact that they are not active with the same intensity.

Sometimes the Yin force is the one that acts the most (during quiet moments, listening, orgasm…), and sometimes it is the Yang force (when you do sports, do shopping, or when we seek a solution to a problem…).

What does a Yin or a Yang leader mean?

When we act and establish action plans to materialise what we really want, we sometimes feel that we don’t know where we want to go anymore.

This happens when you have acted from the wrong leader.

The leader is the force (the yin or the Yang) that is used to begin an action. If you use the “wrong force”, you do not reach anything despite all your efforts.

If you use the force that is your real leader, everything comes easily.

Who is your leader?

Everybody is different. You have to know who your leader is.

Keep calm. It’s very easy! You just have to choose which of these two proposals suits you the most.

1) I am someone who likes to follow my instinct, I start in action and then I organize myself and look at the details. For example, if I cook, I start my dish then I look if I have any ingredients to add. Things are done as we go along. I like not knowing exactly where I’m going to get the surprise of the end result. Things are organized once launched.

2) I am someone who plans and loves to know where I am going. I organize everything, and then I follow my intuition. For example, if I cook, I look at all the ingredients I have, I can even look for a recipe that will match this list, and once this is established, I have fun with proportions, cooking mode, etc… I like to know in advance where I am going and what will be the result. My intuitive freedom is expressed in the middle of the action.

If you have chosen proposition 1, your leader is the Yin force. Things won’t come easily if you organize things very accurately at the beginning of the action. You may lose your enthusiasm even before you start! You will be more effective in following your intuition first, and then organizing yourself as you go along.

If you have chosen proposition 2, your leader is the Yang force. You put sticks in the wheels if you listen only to your feelings at the beginning of an action. You may wait forever to get started! You will be more effective in organizing things and establishing a specific plan at the outset, then letting your intuition run free.

Always the union

As always, the goal is not to say that one way is better than another. Both are perfect and imperfect at the same time.

The most important thing is to respect yourself.

I think it is a matter of getting to know yourself more, and to act in accordance with what you are.

Your power comes by being yourself.

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