Beyond mental stiffness

The Choice of Serenity

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Beyond mental stiffness

For there to be a change, we have to go a little beyond our comfort zone. Often we convince ourselves that we are doing changes, but in reality we talk a lot of hot air! Real change stings!

Being honest with oneself

For long I have read large amounts of books being convinced that I understood their content. I found myself full of energy ready to shake down all my beliefs.

Except, in the morning, nothing changed.

It was not a bad intention, just a misunderstanding of human functioning.

Breaking the shell

When we start a new sport, our body is not accustomed to new movements. So we have aches and pains. And that’s a good sign! This means that we went beyond our comfort zone, without breaking anything.

Basically, we respect our ability, but we go a little beyond our habits.

As far as the change of beliefs is concerned, it is the same.

If we do not have “aches” to the mind, it simply means that we have not changed anything.

Hold steady

As in sport, aches and pains should not be used as an excuse to stop us. On the contrary, we must be proud of ourselves, saying: “I have done something that takes me one step further in the right direction!”

And as in sport too, the aches and pains will disappear quickly… If we continue the activity!

Changing our beliefs demands effort, constancy, and implication. And all this will have hard time because of our mental aches and pains.

However, as always, we have a choice. We can give up (and it’s okay), or remind ourselves why we decided to “muscle our brains”.

If we do not know why we are doing things, we will stop at the slightest stiffness.
If we know where we want to go, we will be happy to feel the stiffness and go beyond.

The next step

I remember “why” I choose to change my beliefs. And I go beyond my mental stiffness!

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