How to start a car with thought

The Choice of Serenity

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How to start a car with thought

You know our magical power? This ability to understand that all part of us and that by our thought we create the world? Well we can train to use it with simple things like… Start a car with our thought!

Useful or not?

Often we tend to want to use our power for “useful” and “altruistic” things.

Well, Yes! If we have magical powers, as much as they are used for “the good of mankind”!

Thinking like this, we are forbidden the little joys that come from very simple games that have no consequences or significant meaning. While those games could allow us to gain self-confidence, or to make this confidence more stable.

However, in order to create consciousness, we must have no doubt, and therefore be confident at 100%. And to do so we have to train!

Start a remote car

Today I had my breakfast the windows open. The weather is great. I hear the noises from the street. Everything is perfect.

At my third swallow of tea, the sound of a car trying to start relentlessly attracts my attention.

I say to myself: “well, it’s been a long time… I’m going to have a little fun! ”

So I focus on the noise, and in the second key round that follows, I start the car remotely.

I take a swallow of tea… I love to play like this!

Recipe to start a car

To start the car (or anything else),

  • Focus your attention on the object, ignoring everything else (noises, smells,…). You can close your eyes, it helps
  • Create a feeling of total serenity in yourself. It is easy to feel with a little practice. This looks like a sort of both empty and full calm
  • Imagine the final result in your mind. In my example, I heard the car start before that happens. When the driver turned the key for the first time, nothing, but I still had no doubt. When he turned the key for the second time, the car starts.
  • PRACTISE, with everything and nothing! It is only like this that you will appropriate the sensation i talk about
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