And suddenly everything is repopulated

The Choice of Serenity

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And suddenly everything is repopulated

As long as we believe we are alone, the world is layered with this belief, and so appears to us. As soon as we change that belief, the world changes. It is never the world that changes regardless of us. Each time we are the initiator of this change.

Everything is depopulated

I spent many years not understanding how I could feel alone while being surrounded.

Feelings are never directly related to external situations. They are in us.

So I took a long time to experience this understanding.

A part in me loves being different, being a little out of the boxes, not satisfying the obvious expectations of my little characters.

But the difference is by definition synonymous with “non-majority”.

Everything is repopulated

About a month ago, I decided to try something else.

I wanted to stay different, because it amuses me, but I also wanted to be able to learn from people who have the same vision of things as I do.

In the last few days I realized that my materialization has taken shape!

People don’t think exactly like me, but the base is there. And it’s quite enjoyable to tell me that I can have both.

I stay different, but I don’t feel lonely and “misunderstood.”


As every time, as soon as we understand that we can have everything, we create the union within us. This is what makes us feel powerful and free.

As soon as we put ourselves in a box, no matter which (the “difference” box remains one), we cut ourselves off on one part of us.

We are duels, we have always been and, in the experience of matter, we can only be that.

But while we are two, we can be in union.

This is done by being both, without choosing.

In my opinion this what the real ecstasy is… In every sense of the word! ahhaha!

The next step

Every day a little more, I remember that I do not have to choose.

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