The art of wasted talent

The Choice of Serenity

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The art of wasted talent

We all have facilities in one area or another. This can be something like the art of surgery, the art of cooking, or the art of playing yoyo, no matter what. We’re born with a nugget. The question is, “what do we do with it?”

The artist

For me, an artist is someone who, by his talent, his ability to do things in a natural and seemingly simple way, make us feel an emotion.

It is not so much the work or the action itself that creates this emotion. This comes from the internal understanding that there is, before our eyes, the perfect union between the Inside (talent, gift, innate capacity) and the outside (action, form, matter).

We all are artists…

But we do not necessarily use our gift.

The art of killing the artist

To be free to choose to use this gift, you have to have the choice to do it or not.

The simplest way to materialise this is to create a world in which talent, gift, ease, are not recognized and/or valued.

So if we choose to be us, that is to use our gift, we must have the courage to do “no effort”.

But generally, we are moving towards what that asks us effort, or even a lot of effort.

And so we kill the artist in us.

Choose the facility

As soon as we look at what our real capabilities are, what we do effortlessly (maybe with some training, but effortlessly), we recognize our art, our talent, our gift.

This is valuable because we are the only one who has this talent. Others do “a bit like us”, but never “like us” since we are the only copy of us.

Choosing not to be oneself is simple and easy: everyone does it, or almost.

Being oneself is also simple, but less easy. This is precisely what makes this choice powerful!

But we have a choice.

My talent is bright selfishness. I’m good at it. I train a lot, but that does not require from me any effort. And when I think about it, I’ve always been known for it, even as a child.

The next step

Today I choose to be talented… And that’s cool, because, like you, that’s what I do best!

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