To get to know us, we use a lot of tools. Among them are astrology, numerology, tarot etc… We ask ourselves: “Are these tools telling the truth?” However, that is not the question that should be asked!

The meaning given

All the meanings we read are read by us. This information is also our creation. If you look into your past, you will probably have an anecdote with the fact that by rereading a book, you said to yourself: “Well, I didn’t remember this thing was written.”

Actually, indeed, it was not. You have made this new version of the book appear by rereading it with a different level of consciousness.

The real question

I was asked this morning what I thought of astrology. And so I replied that, like all things, it is our creation. What we receive as a reading is only the mirror of our beliefs at the time of this reading.

If the question is whether these tools are telling the truth, the answer is Yes! Except they don’t tell THE truth, they tell OUR truth when we listen to the reading.

The real question, which is now my mantra in every situation of my life, is: “Does what I hear help me feel even more powerful and creative in my life, or does this information (or word etc…) reinforce the belief that I am not the creator of my life? ”

And depending on the answer, I choose what I do with the information.

The truth

Our truth evolves with us. The others evolve with us. Tarot, numerology, astrology or other readings also evolve with us.

The commonality?

Us! We are always there…

We are always the only one to create what we hear, see, read…

Our reality takes the form we give it. Reality only does that! Always!

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