We read a multitude of books, watch as many videos as we can, think all day long about the concepts encountered. But, as long as we do not practice the ideas, the cup which is apparently full, still remains empty.

Some more?

The mind loves to fill itself. Having things to rely on reassures it. The theories are its delight.

So we all have times (which sometimes last all our lives) where we fill our self up with knowledge and ideas that we do not experience, but that we think appropriate.

The cup fills up a little more every day.

The pretty cup full of emptiness

Except that by working like this, we delude ourselves. We feel like we are learning things, even understanding them, but that is not the case.

We understand these theories from a theoretical point of view precisely, but we do not anchor them in us through experience. They don’t become a part of us. It only dresses us, like a coat.

It is elegant. This may even make the illusion… But at the end of the day, once in bed, our coat stays in the closet of the entrance!

Understanding vs experimenting

There is nothing wrong with believing that we know when, in fact, we do not. But you can’t lie to our self.

At a time when reality allows us to put into practice what we said “have understood”, the truth is there: we actually understood the concept with our head, but we only wear it as a coat. The concept hasn’t changed who we are.

Emptying the cup

To embody a concept, you must first empty the cup.

As long as we refuse to sit down and look at ourselves in the mirror in a very honest way, we do not empty the cup.

And as long as the cup is full, we cannot experience the novelty presented by the concept.

That means we have to lose ourselves, to detach ourselves entirely from everything we believed so far.

Once empty, we realize that it is precisely the fact of being empty that allows us to feel full.

So we can decide to do differently than usual.

This time we can choose to fill us with emptiness (= feelings, incarnated understandings).

And discover what it means to be our self… Discover what it means to be full.

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