Know the law, understand the law, enforce the law. And get the results every time, since, like any law, no exception exists.

Ask without realizing it

On Sunday, I went to see a flight of the French patrol live for the first time in my life.

In the afternoon, I talked about the film Top Gun explaining the emotion I had when watching this film, years ago.

Listening to the sound of the fighter jet , I felt “deep in my gut” that same adrenaline, this urge, this connection with an emotion that I can hardly explain with words.

The non-resistance is really cool!

Once I’m home, I eat with the people I was with. We chat.

The TV is turned on, but I’m not paying attention. After 10 minutes, I turn my head… The film Top Gun is there, broadcasted on the screen.

I do not know how many times this movie is on TV a year… Not often… And the probability of watching it less than 15 minutes from the end of the film was more than weak (this is where we see how much statistics are useless!)

No exceptions

When you have no doubt, or rather no resistance, what you think takes shape instantly in matter.

I was talking about the movie, but I didn’t “need” to see the movie. I had no particular expectation. It did not even come to my mind (at least not consciously) that the movie could go on television.

However, a side of me thought it was super cool to stumble upon the movie after the afternoon that I had spent. And indeed! How cool was it to see the screen!!!

My request was made. I had no resistance. Materialisation was therefore instantaneous.

And it works like this with everything! No exceptions!

The next step

Muscling my mind… Since there is only that which makes it possible to materialise what we really want, here and now.

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