Choose to Be Yourself

TᕼE ᑕᕼOIᑕE TO ᑌᑎIᖴY OᗷᔕᑕᑌᖇITY & ᒪIGᕼT ᗯITᕼOᑌT ᗪIᔕTIᑎᑕTIOᑎ






We can hide OUR SELF,
We can search for who WE are,
The truth is that we are OUR SELF.
WE have always been.
We will be OUR SELF forever.
The question is:
Do we express all the parts of OUR SELF,
Obscurity & Light without distinction?

Can we love OUR perfect imperfection,
Here and now?




The human metamorphosis

In March 2020, the planet paused.
Everyone then remembered that we were only One.
Each individual realized how their way of acting had an impact on the whole community.

We were given the chance to give up the pretenses, to show ourselves as we were, with our unspoken fears, our stifled hopes, our distant loves.

When spring was born, we found ourselves between four walls. In a cocoon not very comfortable, and in which we had not planned to be.

The plans of our mind had been shattered.

What were we left with?

Who would we be after our usual distractions are gone?

No escape.

This endless Sunday heralded a point of no return.

Years of camouflaging our reactions, our desires, our dreams and projects. Sometimes a lifetime spent trying to be perfect in a role that was not ours. Centuries of making so much effort to hide our real emotions for fear of “shocking”, of disturbing, or simply for fear of being “different”.

The Human being realized who he was: someone who had spent his life doing everything to hide his uniqueness.

After this chaos, this awakening, this crisis, leaving the cocoon, we had a choice: to unapologetically be ourself, or to continue to act as if nothing happened.

All of humanity had experienced a similar event. Each being had felt the same thing, in one form or another. And everyone had a choice to make.

My cocoon was painful …
Up to my resistance, I should say.

My cocoon was perfect …
It offered me the opportunity to become aware of my lies, my “little arrangements” with myself, and my fear of feeling Life expressing itself through me.

And during this month of March 2020, I made my choice too.

I decided to get “Human”.